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Antistatic jumbo bag /fibc /bulk bag

The options available are as follow:

color: Blue

OEM accepted


Constructed from electrically conductive fabric, designed to control electrostatic charges by grounding. A standard fabric used contains conductive threads or tape. Safe to use for transporting dry, flammable powders.With a max leakage resistance of 108 Ω to the grounding point. Grounding is compulsory during filling & discharging, a label or sign is indicated. Safe for use when no flammable solvents or vapors present around the operation area. Breakdown voltage less than 6kV. Designed for use safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. Made from fine conductive threads & equip a conductive mesh.

Leakage proof suture lines can be added where the suture is on the body of bag, leakage proof layer (PE internal pocket) can also be on the surface inside the body of bag to achieve the goal of leakage proof. It can also used for filling powdery and thick materials.