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Conductive fibc /jumbo bag / bulk bag

The options available are as follow:

  • SWL Range: 500 kg to 1500 kg
  • Fabric: Coated / Uncoated
  • Liner: Tubular / Shaped
  • 4 Colour Printing
  • Various Top and Bottom construction options



Anti-static FIBCs, essentially refers to those bags which have anti-static or static dissipative properties without the requirement of grounding. Type-c big bags are especially suitable for materials that can cause electrostatic charge during handling. Type-c is used in environments where there may be a risk of explosions and high fire risk. These big bags are constructed with threads made of the material CROHMIQ® . The bags are grounded in the atmosphere and need not to be grounded during filling and emptying.

Leakage proof suture lines can be added where the suture is on the body of bag, leakage proof layer (PE internal pocket) can also be on the surface inside the body of bag to achieve the goal of leakage proof. It can also used for filling powdery and thick materials.

Which Surface impedance:<1011Ω

Packaging dangerous goods of chemical medical and other industries.

Master batch is added into knit silks of anti-static electricity bag, when making film on the cloth of bag body can also be added with anti-static electricity master batch. The container bag made from this material has a good anti-static electricity capacity. It can effectively wipe out static electricity generated in filling and unloading materials prevent combustion and explosion and other dangerous conditions, is mainly used for packaging dangerous goods of chemical, medical and other industries