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FIBC/Jumbo bag/big bag /tonne bag /heavy duty bulk bag

FIBC/BULK Bag Overview

The Standard Bag includes Builder Bags, Tunnel Lift Bags, Corner and Cross-Corner Loop bags with various Top and Bottom attachment options. Four Loop FIBCs are custom-designed for specific customer needs. Please contact us to learn which FIBC is best for your application.

The options available are as follows :

  • SWL Range: 500 kg to 2500 kg
  • S.F. : 5:1, 6:1
  • Fabric: Coated / Uncoated
  • Liner: Tubular / Shaped
  • 4 Colour Printing or(customer requirement)
  • Various Top and Bottom construction options



Type A FIBCs are made of plain-woven polypropylene and other non-conductive fabrics. Static electricity is generated as products move over or rub against the inside surface of the bulk bag when they are filled/emptied. There is no static protection provided by Type A FIBCs

Type A bulk bags can be used to safely transport non-flammable products. There should not be any flammable solvents or gases present around a Type A FIBC.

Safe use for type A bulk bags:

  • To transport non-flammable products.
  • No flammable solvents or gases present around the bag.

Do not use type A bulk bags for:

  • Transporting flammable products.
  • When flammable solvents or gases are present around the bag.
  • Should not be used where a flammable atmosphere with a minimum ignition energy ≤1,000mJ is present.