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Baffle FIBC/jumbo bag/ Q-bag

Q-Bag (Reinforced)/baffle fibc bag/Jumbo bag

Zhonrun is able to offer you form-stable Q-Bags. Internal reinforcements (baffles) allow the bag to keep a square shape when filling. It is very helpful to use this type of bag for space optimization during transport or storage.

Capacity: 500 kg to 2 000 kg

Building type: regular, rope, net and tape (we can recommend depending on market)

Type: 4 panels and custom-designed *.

UV stabilization: 150 kly

Printing: 1, 2 or 4 sides possible

Safety factor: 5 to 1 (single use), 6 to1 (reusable)

Top of bag: open top, skirt or filling spout

Bottom of bag: discharge spout, flat bottom (other options available)

Loop: Standard, cross corner, tunnel lift and sling

All zhongrun products are certified



 The Q bag design is constructed by sewing polypropylene baffles across the four corners of the FIBC bag. Thus, when the bag is filled, the baffles prevent the sides from bulging out or falling over when being stored or transported, giving the bags a straight shape.

Q Bags offer numerous benefits to the customers :

Ability to fill 30% more material per bag as compared to the standard FIBC because of uniform material flow to all four corners.

Reduced spillage and better usage and optimization of the available storage space.

Improved stacking in the warehouse makes it look neater and improves overall aesthetical appeal.

Remains within the Pallet dimensions when filled.

Baffle Bags find their application in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries