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TYPE-C Pallet-freeConductive FIBC bag

Safe use:


Loading spout and loop free height(customization)

Used to transport flammable powder, when there is flammable solvent or gas around the FIBC bag, this product can avoid electrostatic ignition

Do not use:

Do not use this product when the conducting silks does not touch the ground or are damaged.



TYPE-C tray-free conductive container bag, also known as ground-free tray-free flexible container bag. initially woven with fully conductive materials. But now the ground type C flexible container bag is more in the non-conductive polypropylene fabric interweaves into the conductive blended fabric material. A conductive braided material of this kind must ensure that all conductive silks are connected in one, and the black conductive film of the bag body must be connected with the ground silks when using the TYPE-C type container bag, which can effectively remove the static electricity generated during loading and unloading by grounding conduction, and prevent the occurrence of dangerous conditions such as ignition and dust explosion.



This product design takes into account the loading of ultra-fine powder will leak out in the pinhole, so added leakproof cotton and non-woven fabric leakproof, and considering the size of the length and width can not be two side-by-side transport on the truck, added tension baffle to solve the expansion problem, considering the customer loading material fluidity is not good, we recommend the use of mesh baffle, to avoid the material liquidity into the inner difficulties, has solved all the above problems. Let customers feel free to wear, use worry-free.