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TYPE-A Baffled FIBC bag

Safe use:

Product introduction


Loding spout and unloading spout(customization)

Do not use:

suitable for the transpotation of non-flammable and explosive articles,and there is no flammable volume or gasaround



Forbid transport flammable and explosive substances and forbid using for flammable and explosive solvents and gases around them TYPE-A Fibc bags are made of ordinary polypropylene or other non-conductive materials. When filling or emptying the container bag, the movement of the goods inside the Fibc bag will lead to electrostatic generation. One of the essential defects of the Type-A Fibc bag is that it does not have any mechanism to dissipate static electricity, so it can not prevent the generation of dangerous propagating brush-shaped discharge PBD with high intensity. For this type of Fibc bags, generally do not require in electrostatic prevention and control, so there is no need to carry out electrostatic testing, there is no specific test standard, and there is no need to affix classification labels. Although it is possible to label TYPE-A Fibc bags, people rarely do so. Since there are no labels such as B, C or D on the container bag, the Fibc bag can be identified as A.



This product design takes into account the loading of ultra-fine powder will leak out in the pinhole, so added leakproof cotton and non-woven fabric leakproof, and considering the size of the length and width can not be two side-by-side transport on the truck, added tension baffle to solve the expansion problem, considering the customer loading material fluidity is not good, we recommend the use of mesh baffle, to avoid the material liquidity into the inner difficulties, has solved all the above problems. Let customers feel free to wear, use worry-free.